Summer Fruit Brett Red Ale

A 100% brettanomyces fermented red ale conditioned on summer fruits.

Brew Date: 01/10/16
Bottle Date:

Original Gravity: 1.052
Final Gravity:
Calculated ABV:

Mash: 60 minutes at 66°c

Malt Bill:
Pale Malt (45.1%)
Wheat Malt (45.1%)
Munich Malt (7.5%)
Dark Crystal (1.5%)
Roasted Barley (0.8%)

Boil: 60 minutes

Hop Additions: 19 IBU
60mins – Mandarina Bavaria (19 IBU)

Fermenter additions:
10 Days – Mixed Summer Fruits (400g)

Yeast Bay Amalgamation at 20°c then conditioned at garage temperatures (8-10°c)
Note that even at these temperatures the yeast stayed in suspension so required crashing for a few days at 1°c



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