Sorachi Ace Brett Black IPA

13-20170228_063830 This 19 litre version of the beer was secondary fermented with Version 2’s leftover Crooked Stave Vielle culture in a corny keg to prevent any oxygenation and transferred onto the cake of my Bretted Summer Fruit Red Ale for dry hopping. Previous versions were not dry-hopped (Version 1: Supposedly one left in the cellar at The Beermoth) and dry-hopped prior to secondary fermentation (Version 2: Possibly one in Manchester somewhere…)

Brew Date: July 2016
Bottle Date: 

Original Gravity: 1.082
Final Gravity:
Calculated ABV:

Mash: 60 minutes at 67°c

Malt Bill:
Pale Malt (90.1%)
Carafa III (4.5%)
Crystal Malt (2.3%)
Wheat Malt (0.9%)
Dextrose (2.3%) (In boil)

Boil: 60 Minutes

Hop Additions: 42.4 IBU
60mins – Sorachi Ace (24.2 IBU)
0mins – Sorachi Ace (10.3 IBU)
0mins – Centennial (7.9 IBU)
80c Whirlpool – Centennial (0.0IBU) (25g in Approx. 21 litres)
80c Whirlpool – Sorachi Ace (0.0IBU) (25g in Approx. 21 litres)

Dry Hops:
4 Days – Mosaic (100g)
4 Days – Sorachi Ace (100g)

US-05  at 16°c then Version 2 cake at garage temperatures (8-10°c). Finally adding to Summer Fruit Brett Red Ale cake for 4 days of dry hopping prior to bottling

Version 2 Brett Dregs: Crooked Stave Vielle (Cranberry and Spice) and Crooked Stave Nightmare on Brett

Version 1 Brett Dregs: Against The Grain Tall Tale, Jolly Pumpkin Maracaibo Especial and Oersoep Brettanosaurus Rex


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