That Joke Isn’t Funny Anymore

Those that know me well are aware I have a somewhat dark sense of humour. I can make a comment quite close to the bone and can also find the humour is something described as a “Joke”. Although I’m not easy to offend I have limits. As any respectable member of society; bring race or inequality into it for example; I will be quite clear that you’ve got the wrong audience. Different issues offend different people and when opening your mouth or tapping away at the keys you have to be well aware of that.

When you go and see a comedian its generally expected that to get a few cheap laughs, offending people is going to get some “oooooof” followed by delayed laughter. Again, there is a line and different members of society draw that line at different levels; but, by going to the show you are primed to be offended or to hear something “offensive”.

In a consumer industry though, the last thing you are looking for is to be offended and nobody should be put in that position.

“I’m not feeling anything hoppy today. What I really want is something to make me feel uncomfortable and undermined this evening”

Following J Wakefields label art issue for Orange Dreamsicle, consumers made their views on the design quite clear. During Cloudwater’s collaboration visit to the brewery, Paul Jones of Cloudwater released a statement following discussions with the brewery and the design ended up be retracted and new label art advertised. Many saw this another attempt at creating “hype” but I felt it was a bit far-fetched to be some sort of marketing ploy. Personally, I don’t know Paul that well but that’s how I saw it and I hope my gut feeling was right.

Then, yesterday, a label for the new collaboration appeared online and the consumers were in uproar again. Now, anyone that says “you’re wrong to be offended” or that “these people like to be offended” is a total dickhead. Nobody likes to be offended to the point of being upset or angry. Cloudwater have stated on Twitter that they have requested the label design will hopefully be retracted. I wonder if, like in 2017 where breweries announcing they’re throwing away beers became a thing; offending people and retracting it will be 2018’s new brewery fad.

Going back to the label; was I offended by it? Not really. Are people well within their rights to be offended by it? Yes, of course and it’s quite apparent why. My issue with the label, and what really disappointed me, is it makes a mockery of the initial issue people thought Paul had, what most of us believe, dealt with quite honourably. It was a very stupid and ill-thought design which Paul himself signed off on. It undermined the whole cause I believe Paul and those at Cloudwater clearly feel strongly about.

But again, a statement was released with some long winded explanation for the “joke”, which in all honesty, means it’s not funny in the first place; just offensive. That joke isn’t funny anymore…

It never was.


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