Homebrew – Part 1: Recipes

As many of you are aware I brew my own beer. I brew it for myself to both create and enjoy as well as for friends and family to enjoy and give me (sometimes false) praise. If you give someone free beer they are likely to give you praise whether the finished product deserves it or not. That’s not necessarily what it is all about though as without criticism or critique the product will never be improved upon. Even professional brewers look to Twitter, Untappd, Ratebeer and so on for reviews of their beer; although some can’t seem to take the criticism… Most of my feedback comes from attending homebrew groups such as Manchester Homebrew and Chorlton Homebrewers which are a great way to share beers, recipes and experiences with like minded people. As I can’t always attend these; especially now due to new baby commitments, I want other ways to share my homebrew experiences.

I don’t tend to brew “by the book”. Many ideas can be a little eccentric and others can be expensively hoppy but I’d like to think I brew the beers I want to be drinking. I also want to others to want to be drinking my beer. That’s why I have added a Homebrew section to YES! Ale Blog.

In this section I will be posting the recipes that I have brewed for other homebrewers to use, critique or improve. The recipes will be posted in a way to allow for different brewhouse efficiency and batch sizes. In order to share these beers I will also be able to give out samples* to those who fancy indulging in some homebrew. Some recipes have already been added and the archive will be updated as much as possible. My hope is that this area of the website will become interactive with lots of input from myself and other brewers and homebrewers creating a large archive of useful information for all.

Homebrew Recipes

*these are free samples but postage will cost me. Swaps for other homebrew would be greatly appreciated.


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