Golden Pints 2016


Best UK Cask Beer – Track’s Sonoma is the clear winner. From the brewery, from the pub or from Mark Johnson’s 30th Birthday Party; a solid pale ale. Honorable mention to Torrside for a superb pint of their Lubelski that sticks to mind

Best UK Keg Beer – I drink so much keg beer it is hard to choose. Those that stick to mind are Marble Black Sunshine, Lost and Grounded Saison d’Avon and Northern Monk Double Heathen (in no particular order)

Best UK Bottled Beer – Cloudwater DIPA v10 – Nailed it right at the end of the year


Best UK Canned Beer – All of Northern Monks canned beers have been fantastic this year so a toss up between Hops (Epic collaboration) or Heathen. I’ll go with Hops though as it blew me away. Honorable mention to Magic Rock though for making the ultimate train beer in the juicy, hoppy, sessionable Inhaler

Best Overseas Draught – To Øl Mr Orange – Literally had this beer overseas and was so blown away by it I tried to brew it myself. A big, juicy and bitter ESB!

Best Overseas Bottled Beer – Westbrook Brewing Mexican Cake – This won Best Overseas Draught last year and this year I have had my fair share of bottles. Incredibly spicy and luckily I know someone who has a keg of a homebrew clone…

Best Overseas Canned Beer – To Øl Sur Mosaic – Delicious can outside Torvelhallerne with some tacos.

Best Collaboration Brew – Torrside / Yes! Ale Blog’s Blackstar obviously. Hoppy Sorachi Ace goodness.

Best Overall Beer – Northern Monk’s Hops or Torrside Rauchwine.

Best Branding – From the logo to the artwork, it’s Cloudwater. Classy.


Best Bottle/Can Label – New Magic Rock 500ml cans – bright and eye catching with good beer inside

Best UK Brewery – Northern Monk have hands-down been the best brewery this year. Overall quality, exciting collaboration and awesome use of hops in IPA’s

Best Overseas Brewery – To Øl – Always creative and always a high standard

Best New Brewery Opening 2016 – Lost and Grounded – as their beers have filtered up north I have been nothing but impressed. Interesting/different beer styles brewed perfectly.

Best Pub/Bar of the Year – Cafe Beermoth – Solid cask beers and an amazing selection of keg.

Best New Pub/Bar of the Year – The Pilcrow – Personally a great location by Victoria station; attentitive staff and a great beer selection also adds to it.


Beer Festival of the Year – Copenhagen Beer Celebration – An expensive trip but worth every penny. So much amazing beer.

Supermarket of the Year – I don’t necessarily get beer from the supermarket but I’d say Booths as that’s where the in-laws get me beer from. Good can selection available

Independent Retailer of the Year – Beermoth – It’s where I get pretty much all my beer from so can’t choose anyone else

Online Retailer of the Year – I’ve not bought much online this year. Mikkeller have a great beer selection online and free delivery if you spend over 1000DKK (£100)

Best Beer Blog or Website – Mark Johnson’s Beer Compurgation. A good friend and fantastic, interesting blogger who I struggle to disagree with. This post settled it for me: EVERYTHING WRONG WITH BEER AT THIS MOMENT: Revisited and Revised.


Simon Johnson award for Best Beer Twitterer – @Beerdoodles. His Partial Curtis doodle had me in stitches but a constant source of amusement

Best Brewery Website/Social Media – Cloudwater continually update their followers via twitter and blogs on what they are up to.


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