Rainbow Project 2016 Review – Live(ish)

Wednesday 26th October 2016 – 18:00

Good evening. As mentioned earlier this week; myself and my good friend (and photographer) Paul will be doing a live, blow by blow review of this year’s seven Rainbow Project beers on Friday 28th October at 8pm. As the night goes on, this blog entry will be updated with each beer as we drink it.

Each year as the release date closes in, the excitement grows and at one minute to nine on the day there are many people with their bank cards on the desk and the cursor hovering over the refresh button (or Ctrl + F5). We had considered two orders of which to drink the beers in. The first option considered the ABV and beer style; trying to use some of the beers to cleanse the palate in fear of some flavours really sticking around. The second was to follow the more natural order of the colours in the rainbow as shown above. This does mean that Beavertown and Parrotdog’s 10.5% Adambier would be the first beer; which may make the evening develop quite interestingly… so we’ll go with that.

Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet (Or Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain if you want to add a little more fun to it)

Friday 28th October 2016 – 20:00

Red – Beavertown & Parrotdog: Universal Mind

Having never even heard of an Adambier before my interest was piqued by this beer and the fact it was included in Beavertown’s Tempus barrel aging project which has produced some fantastic beers over the last few months. This was a boozy start to the proceedings at 10.5% with a dense, sweet mouthfeel coming from the Marsala barrels. The beer is scotch ale like in flavour and appearance with its deep red colour. There is a subtle peat smoked flavour that peaks through leaving an irony taste on the back on the tongue.

Label: Beavertown’s typical illustration style atop a psychedelic background tying into the name; Universal Mind.

Colour Representation: Irony. Iron is red, yeah?

Music Accompaniment: The War on Drugs – Red Eyes

Friday 28th October 2016 – 20:30

Orange – Burning Sky and Liberty Brewing Company: Descent into Maelstrom

First off, this beer poured out into the glass producing a beautiful orangey, opaque liquid. The saison-like beer is incredibly refreshing and cleansing after the previous from Beavertown and Parrotdog. The aroma is packed with New Zealand hops and citrus fruits. Burning Sky lead the way when it comes to this style of beer and this could easily be a mainstay in their range. The white burgundy barrel aging adds another complex level to this beer.

Label: A busy, punk influenced label. Nevermind the Maelstrom?

Colour Representation: It’s the easy one but hit it hard. Uber Orangey!

Music Accompaniment: REM – Orange Crush

Friday 28th October 2016 – 21:00

Yellow – Magic Rock and Fork Brewing: The Upside Down

Another refreshing palette cleanser making me think we should have mixed the order up to combat some of the bigger beers that are coming up. Nevermind. This sharp wit has a wonderful, zesty tang that buzzes on the tongue. Brett fermentation and fruit alongside juicy dry hop additions create a tropical Lilt-like beer. I had to check the ABV on this beer before stating I could down a few of these refreshing cans.

Label: Turned up to eleven. Easily recognisable as Magic Rock but I was hoping it would have been one of the cans “rumoured” to be labelled “upside down”

Colour Representation: I reckon so. Fun and Tropical. Lilt…

Music Accompaniment: Clap Your Hands Say Yeah – The Skin of my Yellow Country Teeth

Friday 28th October 2016 – 21:30

Green – Hawkshead Brewery and Yeastie Boys: Kai Moana Gose

A strange beer. The only time I would put together seafood and beer would be an oyster stout. The seafood and lactose in the light, sour beer creates a unique flavour sensation for the drinker as the Gose isn’t as dry as expected. A small amount of New Zealand hops and punnet loads of gooseberries keeps the beer refreshing.

Label: Pretty self explanatory. Compliments both brands. Big cartoon octopus

Colour Representation: Green around the gills

Music Accompaniment: New Order – Everything’s Gone Green

Friday 28th October 2016 – 22:10

Blue – Wild Beer Co and 8 Wired: Black and Blue

Having had this beer twice at Indy Man Beer Con (down to the delicious, free cheddar available at the Wild Beer bar) I know exactly what I am getting from it. The beer screams Wild Beer as it uses one of their house strains and a late addition of peppercorns to this steak-influenced beer adds another level of complexity. A salty tang gives hints of blue cheese. Upon tasting I wouldn’t instantly think this beer has no hops in it. I also wouldn’t say it misses hops. Who needs hops?

Label: Typical Wild Beer bottle but they always add the another brewers branding with a touch of class when collaborating

Colour Representation: It looks blue but I think that is my laptop screen #liveblog

Music Accompaniment: David Bowie – Sound and Vision

Friday 28th October 2016 – 22:40

Indigo – Siren Craft Brew and Garage Project: Blacklight Banana

I was expecting loads of banana but there isn’t much. It adds a sweetness to the stout like a milk stout but it is masked massively by the roasty stout flavour profile and the addition of bourbon barrel aged coffee. Very drinkable for a 9.2% stout and a very impressive beer.

Label: First label to not be mainly typical to the UK brewer. Like the Fruit Bat. Guano…

Colour Representation: We dont have a blacklight or even a banana to check this claim

Music Accompaniment: Bananarama – Venus

Friday 28th October 2016 – 23:15

Violet – Partizan Brewing: Royal Ale

Does not taste 8.5% (but we are 7+ beers in). As described it is pretty sweet and sugary from the addition of Riesling grape juice. The beer isn’t complex but it doesn’t suffer from that and is rather quaffable. Some barley wines can have a dense body and a harsh edge but it has neither of these. Finished rather quickly.

Label: Always enjoyed Partizan labels. Funky, bright and exuberant

Colour Representation: Beer has a black grape, fruit juicy aroma. Violet/Purple

Music Accompaniment: The National – Bloodbuzz Ohio

Friday 28th October 2016 – 23:45

In conclusion, all beers were pretty solid in their own way and the range was more mixed in comparison to last year, where many were sour beers. The different beer styles made tonight’s tasting an interesting experiment and session. For me, and Paul, Descent into Maelstrom from Burning Sky and Liberty Brewing Company produced our favourite beer closely followed by the Blacklight Banana (because it wasn’t as banana-ry as Paul feared). Descent into Maelstrom is a beer that could be knocked back glass after glass and would always be impressive. Roll on #RainbowProject2017

 All photos courtesy of Paul Abram


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