The Indy Man Beer Con Awards ’16

Welcome all to 5th Annual Indy Man Beer Con Awards ’16. We were truly spoilt at this years event with all the great beer and food, plus the fantastic atmosphere probably made this years the best yet. All the breweries, food stalls, volunteers and organisers deserve a great deal of praise for putting on such an amazing festival

The Award for Best New Brewery:

A toss up between Thirsty Games winners Fiveclouds Brewing Company and Bristol’s Lost and Grounded; breweries at either end of the spectrum in terms of brew capacity. Lost and Grounded take the award in my opinion based on the quality of their Saison d’Avon. I can take or leave a saison but this beer was so crisp and refreshing it didn’t even touch the sides.

The “Tom from Myspace” Award for Excellence in Social Media:

Mark Johnson with #fishmosaic

Mark Johnson’s #fishmosaic piece caught the attention of many on social media illustrating the respect and admiration the industry shows this eccentric artist. We are all Fish Mosaic.

“I always thought it was a mosaic. Considering how much I built it up I should have checked it wasn’t a window”  – Mark Johnson

The Best Performance in a Dramatic Role:

Laura Holden for her performance as “The Sober One”

Laura’s solid performance as a David’s (Yes! Ale Blog) pregnant wife received great acclaim at this year’s event. One of the true method actors of her time, Laura took her preparation to the next level before attending; becoming pregnant some few months before.

“Wild Beer were my favourites as they were giving away free cheese!” – Laura Holden

IMBC’s Cheesiest Moment:

Big Cheese by Wild Beer Co

Wild Beer Co provided a huge wheel of Westcombe Cheddar cheese for all the attendees performing a beautiful cheese cutting ceremony.

Award for the Outstanding Contribution to Smoked Beers (Sponsored by Lambert & Butler):

Torrside Brewing with 6 Smoked Beers

Torrside’s smoked beer collection keeps on growing and is carving them a nice little niche in the beer industry, especially considering they are doing them so well. More Rauchwine please.

“You can’t be in our gang if you don’t smoke!” – Nick Rothko-Wright, Torrside

The “Eatin’ is Cheatin'” Award for Best Food:

Honest Crust with their Atomica pizza

The food at IMBC is always fantastic but this pizza stood out to me. Freshly prepared dough oozed with rich tomato sauce and spicy nduja sausage.

The Award for Best Bar:

Special mentions go to Wild Beer for having cheese, and Northern Monk for the two can thrones but Beavertown went all out with their bar this year including a television and face painting facilities.

“Indy Man Beer Con brings out the child-like excitement in all adult human life forms” – Alien Spaceman, Beavertown

The Award for Best Supporting Drinker:

Al Parkinson from Vinyl Valley Brewing Co

Having spent all of Friday and Sunday with Al, he was there to help with the difficult decision of choosing which delicious beer I should spend my hard earned tokens on. When he didn’t turn up on Saturday I was lost. He was with me in spirit though. And, on Sunday with 20 minutes prior to my lift arriving and not a token to my name, this generous young soul opened my hand, placing one last token for one last beer in my sweaty palm. What a gent!

“Yes! Ale Blog who?” – Al Parkinson

The nominations for Indy Man Beer Con, Beer of the Year Award:

Cloudwater Brew Co with Red Wine Barrel Aged Tripel

After having the Bourbon BA version of the this Tripel I was looking forward to having more and this big, vinous beer from Cloudwater Brew Co was really worth the wait.

Brew By Numbers with 55|03 Double IPA –

Brew by Numbers quality and consistency is setting them apart in a busy beer industry. You could tell how juicy this DIPA was from the hop haze alone.

Jester King with Gotlandsdricka

This year possibly saw the most smoked beers available at a UK beer festival and this smokey sour beer from Texan brewery Jester King really stood out from the crowd and was always served with a smile.

Beavertown Brewery with Tempus Project: Phobos

Not much of Beavertown’s Tempus Project has reached the north but how could I not be drawn in by a Madeira BA Weizendopplebock. This dark boozy beer was rich and sweet like a dessert wine.

That just about wraps up this years Indy Man Beer Con Awards. Thank you again to all the great people involved in putting together such a fantastic event and congratulations to all the nominees. For all those that were part of IMBC ’16; we are all winners.

For those who have driven please don’t forget to tip the valet and those who are expecting a taxi outside; Good Luck!

Roll on IMBC ’17


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