We hate it when our friends become successful


You are the foam. You are not out of place but you are excessive

Beer is really getting stuck in my craw at the minute. The back and forth conflict on twitter between those that may be deemed the Craft Elite and those negative people I recently referred to as Mood Hoovers. Sometimes these roles cross over and sometimes they collide with such force you have to look away in order to not be sucked in to the massive black hole of despair that forms. Having your own constructed and valid opinion is great. Just don’t be a dick.

The Craft Elite are those people you see at every beer event. Someone delightfully referred to them as “balls deep in craft” recently. I chuckled. They’re cherry picked from all corners of the UK to turn up to grand openings and beer releases and posting all about it on Twitter. Are these the people who like beer more than everyone else? Are you Dave Beer (real person)? Does them being at party with free food and drink endorse your brand? These are the popular kids. They are those that don’t get their school shoes from the market. It’ll definitely make the beer community think your product is the shizzle. I get it. It’s fantastic marketing for the organiser and there’s no major cost. But don’t expect your nemesis not to bite when you’re just about to start having fun.

These others are the people who moan about other people just because they’ve made it or because they are popular. The people who don’t like such a product because everyone else does. The people who pick apart a comment for their own personal pat on the back. Do you hate the mainstream more than everyone else? Are you Dave Negative (unlikely to be a real person)? Does your negativity make a difference as to whether others will enjoy a certain product? I’ve been these guys before and it is just hard work. There have been events I’d hoped to have been invited to but the invite never came. I won 1st and 2nd place for Best in Show during Manchester Beer Week don’t you know? I would have been disheartened but I didn’t feel the need to publicly grieve about it or engage in passive aggressive tweeting. It’s not going to make you more likable. Sometimes you’re just not important enough.

I recently posted about one of the UK’s top breweries Cloudwater’s DIPAs and that post got more views and activity in one day than any of my other posts have ever had. It was complete tosh. It was just a rant telling people not to be negative because the brewery had become a success. My posts are generally personal experiences of mine yet because it was about a certain brewery people either loved or wanted to dislike, they could pick a side, and make a point.

I feel like I’ve been on both sides of this, yet all I really want to do is drink good beer with like minded people. I can’t be bothered with the pretentiousness on one side and the negativity on the other. We went through all of this crap with Indie music in the noughties.

Come and join me on the fence. It’s wonderful up here and the beer tastes just as good…

Morrissey – We hate it when our friends become successful


2 thoughts on “We hate it when our friends become successful

  1. I don’t think you should really worry about it too much. Why go to beer events to hang out with people who are just into beer because they think it’s cool. I am sure they will move onto something new soon. These people probably wouldn’t know what a well contructed, drinkable beer was even I f they had multiple bottles of it smashed over their heads.

    They are a select crowd of individuals who only like beer that’s cloudy bitter hip with abstract artwork.

    Unfortunately there aren’t enough of these inviduals to support the ambitious growth of breweries like cloudwater. When reality bites for cloud water and they want to push volumes they will be producing filtered toned down versions of their beer to appeal to the masses (just the way brewdog have)

    The hipsters can then move onto the next big thing it’s cool to be seen drinking….

    However the initial hype they generated will certainly helped their brand gain traction.


  2. Word to Dave Negative and this article. You’re both right. It’s what I’ve been trying to say for sometime now. A balanced point of view is what is needed. This should be about freedom of exoression and freedom to enjoy, not being dictated to by conformist trendy beer drinkers. It’s like trying to teach a person how to be cool: you either got it or you don’t. Get back to enjoying the social aspect of beer, drink what you enjoy & be done with, let others do the same. All the elite beer drinkers (most of whom probably picked up their first decent bottle of beer a year or so ago) can wank on about beer as if it was modern art – let them do it. The majority have no clue what they’re on about anyway. Still think your post on Hype was valid and a question that needed asking.


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