Beers In Bologna

For our wedding anniversaries Laura and I like to get away from the UK and take a city break somewhere in Europe where we can experience other cultures, fantastic cuisine and of course I get to indulge in local or national beers from the area I might not often find over here. This year we headed to Bologna for an Italian getaway. Italian food is one of my favourites and not much comes close to a plate of perfectly cooked pasta, a delicious sauce and a glass of wine.

Being on our romantic break meant traipsing the streets for local beer haunts wasn’t at the top of the agenda but there were so many to choose from we managed to stumble across plenty. The craft beer sector in Italy has been growing with beers from Toccalmatto, Brewfist and Birra Del Borga (recently purchased by AB InBev) becoming more and more readily available in the UK over the last few years. Brewdog have opened up 3 of their bars in Italy too, one being in Bologna, showing the market is there for craft beer in both Bologna’s young student population (Bologna City Centre is pretty much one huge university) and Italy as a whole.

With a big event coming up next month and a few beer journals posted over the last few articles I wanted to keep this short and sweet, sharing a few photos from our lovely break… with beer. Enjoy!


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