Golden Pints 2015

1. Best UK Cask Beer – Buxton Breweries Yellow Belly on Cask at IMBC 2. Best UK Keg Beer – Cloudwater Brew Co DIPA 3. Best UK Bottled Beer – Wild Beer Co Rubus Maximus from Pow-lo’s stag do 4. Best UK Canned Beer – Beavertown Brewery Gamma Ray 5. Best Overseas Draught –Westbrook Brewing … Continue reading Golden Pints 2015


Viva la Revolución

Fine dining. Art. Class. Sophistication. Taste. These are words rarely associated with Blackpool; my home town. Soured by the tourism required to maintain it's economy; Blackpool has become undesirable with it's troublesome town centre full of loutish groups and tacky; clichéd nightclubs. 3 bottles of Corona for £5; Happy Hour cocktails 5-8 @ £1 and … Continue reading Viva la Revolución